Our story

We live on the lovely West Coast of Scotland and have been building our latest 00 gauge model railway for a few years now. Unfortunately we are miles from any model shops, so one day we thought… why don’t we open our own! The first problem was our neighbours… lots of sheep and cows but not many customers! So we thought an online shop would be the only way it would work. Then we hit the second problem, without a physical shop, many of the big names won’t supply us.

After many, many calls, emails and nagging people at exhibitions, we convinced enough suppliers we were not just some fly-by-night organisation and would properly support all our customers. Finally on the 3rd October 2019 our first full page teaser advert appeared in the modelling magazines, followed by our online shop officially opening on the 31st October.

You may have noticed our adverts are a little different from the rest. Everyone advertises the latest trains and track products, but we like to promote the unusual products, the ones you don’t often see advertised. Of course we stock trains and track too but for the more unusual items, try us first! If you’re a manufacturer of something unusual or unique in the model railway world we’d love to hear about it. Get in touch and we could get your products on our next full page advert!

Lastly our little story would not be complete without saying thanks to those who have put their faith in us from the start, particularly Lee at Expo Tools, David at Train-Tech and Marcus at Blue Horizons Marketing.

Introducing our "spokesthistles"

Mu McThistle:

Hello there! I’m Muriel McThistle, but everyone calls me Mu. I love gardening and flowers and this comes through in model railways when I’m working on the scenery. Autumn is my favourite season. I just love all the colours and you don’t see it modelled often enough.

I’ve made sure we’ve got a range of scenic products for all seasons. From bushes in flower to winter trees and all colours of scatter material.

You can email me directly at mu.mcthistle@hobbytrax.co.uk

Lew McThistle

Hi I’m Lew McThistle! I’m one of the spokesthistles at Hobby Trax. You’ll see me popping up from time to time with special offers. When it comes to model railways I’m best at the woodwork and electrical side of things.

I’ve picked out some great electrical parts to stock like connectors and wire that I know you’ll love.

Feel free to email me lew.mcthistle@hobbytrax.co.uk