Job opportunity - Social Media Manager

We currently have an opening for a Social Media Manager.

The role will involve working at home with flexible hours. You will be responsible for the creation and management of our social media accounts, initially starting with Facebook and later moving on to YouTube and print media.

You will be in full charge of the accounts, deciding what to post and when and answering questions.

You must have experience in running social media accounts together with a good understanding of model railway construction, DCC and wiring principles.

Later we will expand this to a YouTube channel. For this you would need to be confident and relaxed in front of the camera and have the space to create a professional looking studio. You must have experience of producing videos for YouTube together with some basic video editing skills. You will be demonstrating and showcasing our products.

Additionally, in the future, you will be responsible for the production of our catalogue and print media adverts.

We will provide all the required product training and sample products as required. You will need to supply your own computer.

The hours are flexible. We will agree a fixed number of hours per week which will initially be low but will increase over time if the sales rise as a result.

To apply for this job please email with details of your experience.

Job details posted February 2024